Company History

Company History

Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Bedford, Texas, State National Companies (SNC) provides insurance products and services to clients nationwide. SNC writes over $800 million in premium and employs a staff of nearly 400.

SNC is comprised of two divisions: Lender Services, which provides Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) and associated services for financial institutions, and Program Services, which provides access to its insurance affiliates that act as policy-issuing carriers for producers.

In Lender Services, State National serves lending institutions and specialty lenders of all sizes, providing cost-effective, tailored solutions that safeguard their assets against damaging losses resulting from uninsured collateral. As the only program provider in the U.S. that specializes in CPI, State National is a single-source solution for lenders, acting as agent, broker, administrator, insurance tracker, and underwriter.

In Program Services, State National offers broad licensing authority and national access to insurance products and markets to program managers, managing general agents, and insurance carriers, helping them respond to market opportunity. Program Services are provided through State National Group, which is comprised of three insurance companies: State National Insurance Company, founded in 1984; National Specialty Insurance Company, founded in 1999; and United Specialty Insurance Company, founded in 2006.

All three companies in State National Group are rated 'A' (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the insurance industry's recognized, independent rating organization. This rating has been maintained since the first year of eligibility, affirming a strong capital structure and excellent operating performance.

State National is guided by a commitment to delivering superior service, customized solutions to meet the needs of clients, and quality programs. These core values are integrated in every aspect of State National's processes, personnel and commitment to technology.