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Summary: CPI is proven to be the best and most equitable source of protection from loss due to uninsured physical damage. This primer provides you with the basics of CPI.
Summary: Sound underwriting is only the starting point for managing the risk of auto loans. This primer examines the options available for protecting your loan portfolio, including self insurance, blanket single interest, and collateral protection insurance, to help you choose the right solution.
Summary: Collateral Protection Insurance is easier to administer, less costly, and more equitable than a blanket insurance program. This whitepaper, highlighted by the experiences of two credit unions, compares the features of the two forms of coverage.
Summary: To make sure your members’ assets are protected against risk, you need to choose the right provider of collateral protection insurance (CPI). Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the complex CPI provider marketplace.
Summary: Most of the vehicles you repossess will have unrepaired physical damage, with an average damage amount of nearly $1,400 per vehicle. This exclusive State National study demonstrates the impact of CPI in covering the cost of damage and reducing charge-offs.
Summary: There’s more than one way to protect your auto loan portfolio against loss, but only CPI has proven to reduce charge-offs by up to 20 percent and cost little to implement and manage. This whitepaper outlines when CPI is right for your bank-and what you must look for in a provider.
Summary: A fundamental shift in the auto finance business has placed indirect lenders’ profit margins under intense pressure and left little room for error. This white paper details how to make the right choice in protecting your loan collateral.
Summary: You know that non-prime auto loan business puts you at greater risk of unrepaired, uninsured damage on repossessions, but is CPI right for your portfolio? This whitepaper will help you assess the benefits of CPI within the unique makeup of the non-prime marketplace.