CPI for Banks and Finance Companies

Robust. Responsible. Responsive. For auto lenders, State National is the smart choice for Collateral Protection Insurance. You can reduce portfolio risk and keep your customers satisfied through our advanced systems and outstanding personal service. We also instill confidence by offering complete compliance oversight.

Lower risk through higher standards.

Your borrowers will be four times more likely to comply with auto insurance requirements, because we’ll be continually tracking their policies. When your customers have an insurance issue, our highly trained reps will handle it. Plus, our automated, online system ensures that the entire process runs quickly and smoothly. With State National, you’ll receive the overall loan protection you’re looking for.

CPI beats
the Alternatives.
Compared to other options, Collateral Protection Insurance is scalable to offer the best combination of risk mitigation and benefits. To learn more about CPI, click here.
CPI vs Alternatives

Oversight that overperforms.

It’s important to you, so it’s important to us. We’re an insurance company, not an agent, and we guarantee that each collateral protection insurance program has been carefully designed to be compliant with all applicable insurance laws and regulations.

We’re accountable to you.

State National provides everything you want in a financial partner. We’re extremely solid financially, with strong internal controls, procedures, and policies. From privacy to business continuity, we have contingency plans in place for every situation.

Simple to implement, simple to use.

We’ve implemented our proven CPI program for hundreds of lenders of all kinds across the nation. In as little as six weeks, the State National program can be in place in your operation. Our implementation process was ranked 4.7 out of 5 in client surveys, demonstrating the care we take with every detail.